Oracle Expertise Across Infrastructure and Applications

Oracle is deeply embedded in many large organizations. The combination of its cloud strategy and many acquisitions means small and medium-sized enterprises are becoming customers too. However, many are challenged to pull together the Oracle expertise necessary to truly optimize the hardware and applications that comprise the Oracle ecosystem. They need an experienced technology partner to help them get the most from their investments.

On-Premise and Cloud Services Oracle Expertise

Supra ITS has achieved the status of Oracle Managed Service Provider (MSP), one of the few in Canada, having already been an Oracle Worldwide Gold Partner for many years.

Supra is uniquely suited to offer its Oracle services not only in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) space, but also in Oracle cloud applications offerings, including human capital management, finance, and procurement. Our expertise in managing infrastructure as well as applications gives Supra ITS an edge over other Oracle partners who do not have the breadth of experience across both.

Supra ITS offers a wide range of services including:

  • Design and implementation of a new cloud environment for customer.
  • Support and management of Oracle ERP Cloud as well as E-Business Suite.
  • Implementation and support for Oracle Business Intelligence.
  • Shared Support Services for Oracle DBA.

Supra ITS provides a complete set of project management resources to help design a net-new build or a move to an existing on-premise environment‚ÄĒeverything from provisioning to migration, from testing to ongoing management of the environment:

  • Migration to Oracle Cloud
  • Shared support services for Oracle ERP cloud
  • Implementation and support for Oracle services such as Human Capital Management, Finance Cloud, Procurement Cloud, Supply Chain Management Cloud and Services Cloud
  • Shared support services for Oracle DBA services, including Oracle Core DBA and Oracle Apps DBA

Unparalleled Oracle Competencies

The breadth and depth of our services is a key advantage compared to Supra ITS competitors, as is our ability to serve the small and medium enterprise (SME) space with pricing that enables us to help the Canadian organizations get the most from their Oracle investment.