Virtualize with VMware

Virtualization enables IT organizations to take a physical resource and create a virtual version of it. Computers, networks, applications, storage devices and servers can all be virtualized. It’s most common to virtualize servers since it’s very inefficient to deploy physical x86 servers for each and every discrete operating system or specialized application.

Virtualization software such as VMware simulates the existence of computer hardware to allow multiple operating systems and applications to run on a single, physical server that allows for greater efficiencies and economies of scale. But although many organizations opt to manage their VMware on-premise, it does take expertise and resources. Organizations should consider the advantages of turning to an experienced partner that can manage their VMware deployment and extend it to the cloud.

Reduce the Costs and Risks

Supra ITS helps you leverage the benefits of virtualization using VMware without necessarily having your IT organization take on the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining all of the required computer hardware.

Whether you are a smaller business or a large enterprise, Supra has the expertise, resources and infrastructure that allows you take advantage of VMware technology in alignment with your business strategy:

    • Organizations that already have a large VMware deployment can leverage their VMware vCenter in any of Supra’s fully-redundant, Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, United States and India. This Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) approach enables you to reduce costs and increase agility by freeing up people that would otherwise have to refresh, manage and monitor infrastructure.
    • Supra also offers managed private cloud powered by VMware vCloud that taps our experts and infrastructure to provide advanced virtualization and automation. This enables your IT department to become a service broker to meet the needs of users through self-service portals for each of your various lines of business. You can quickly build new cloud services without being limited by your existing infrastructure.
    • Virtualize your servers using Supra’s fully-managed VMware environment and let us take care of monitoring and maintaining the entire VMware software stack and the supporting hardware.

Extend Your VMware into Our Private Cloud

Supra allows organizations to leverage the inherent flexibility, scalability and economies of scale from virtualization by supporting, managing and helping to extend your VMware investment into our managed private cloud.