Moving to Managed Cloud Services

Organizations both large and small are looking to tap the benefits of the cloud. Smart enterprises, regardless of industry, know the importance of focusing on their core business. Rather than managing their own cloud themselves, or managing multiple providers and entering costly agreements to outsource their IT, they turn to a single, experienced outside partner and leverage their expertise.

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Optimizing Applications and Infrastructures

Supra ITS’ Managed Cloud Services encompass compute, storage, networking and operating systems to meet customers’ needs at both the infrastructure and application layers. Our assembled expertise enables you to decide which IT functions you prefer to manage in-house and which you would like to hand off to a trusted partner in alignment with your business objectives.

Supra’s Managed Cloud Services are based on the HP Enterprise Helion Cloud System and are backed by our world class, Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, the United States and India, all of which have undergone rigorous ISO certification for security, quality and service management. We have developed a dedicated private cloud model that is designed to reduce costs, administration and maintenance for our customers, while providing a robust set of services, including support for VMware, Hyper-V and OpenStack. We can also help customers take advantage of the lower costs and scalability of public cloud services such Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google.

Supra’s Managed Cloud Services provide flexibility that allows customers to maintain control over the entire hybrid environment with unparalleled visibility into infrastructure and applications. All services are delivered with a keen eye to redundancy, security and compliance to meet the stringent demands of public sector customers, the education sector and highly regulated industries.

Future-Proof, Highly Available and Flexible Cloud Services

With years of practical experience serving mid-sized enterprise IT customers, Supra’s Managed Cloud Services are built with our customers’ future in mind so they can optimize operations and focus on providing products and services to new and existing customers in their respective, competitive marketplaces.

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