Empowering People with HR Software

HRMS (Human resource management systems) have been around for some time, but many organizations still use siloed software applications and spreadsheets to manage key functions of human resources. The right HRMS provides many benefits but evaluating and adopting the right software can be a daunting task. That’s when it makes sense to bring in an experienced technology provider.

An Automated HRMS achieves more

Supra ITS has developed a robust, well-rounded human resource management system to help HR teams to get more done by automating workflows and providing complete set of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) modules that address the entire HR lifecycle:

Payroll: Schedule and track employee hours and make changes to compensation.

Benefits: Walk employees through enrollment, clearly explain policies and make changes to benefits when life changes occur.

Self-Service: Let employees view and make changes to their information, schedules, request time off, communicate with peers and HR professionals through via web browser or mobile device.

Recruiting and Onboarding: An HRMS can streamline job postings to social media platforms and websites as well as the application process by filtering applicants and transferring information into the HRMS when a new hire is brought onboard.

Performance Reviews: HR software enables you to gauge staff performance on a continual basis, rather than annual paper-based appraisals so HR professionals need not waste time wading through paperwork—reviews can be done using the HRMS.

Supra ITS pulls together all these capabilities with a central employee information database that reduces and even eliminates paper files, enabling HR professionals to easily organize and access information.

An HRMS That Saves Time for Everyone

Supra ITS’ human resource management system takes advantage of modern enterprise architectures so both HR pros and employees have a easy to use, online and secure platform to take care of any issue in a timely fashion.