My team is now working from home, does Supra have enough capacity for the VPN and Internet?

The answer is yes. We can provide over 10,000 simultaneous VPN connections using our enterprise firewalls at our datacenters, which is many times more than the # of users we directly support. Equally, our internet bandwidth is sufficient for remote workers to continue working at their homes

How is Supra’s support changing during this emergency?

We’ve implemented a Triage team. This team will assess all emails, phone calls and tickets for urgent issues. We’ve reprioritized end-user support issues as our top priority recognizing our customer base is now mobile and a remote access issue is urgent. Organizationally, we’ve all become part of the support team to provide direct user support.

I’ve been having trouble reaching you. Are your phones not working?

We know, and there is little we can do to. The phone issues are impacting all customers Canada-wide as the internet-based phone providers are saturated. We anticipated this and have taken precautions to minimize the impact including using email/tickets to communication, using mobile phones and chat programs. Supra staff is also being advised to not use our corporate mainlines when making customer calls to help ease the phone issues. We anticipate these phone issues will remain but lessen over time.

What if I need someone to come onsite?

The triage team will assess each onsite request, with management approval. If urgent and necessary, we will continue to support you 100%. If the request is not urgent or there is a work-around, our team will work with you to schedule an alternate date for an onsite visit that is safe and complies with Government of Ontario recommendations.

My team is working from home. Can you support them?

Answer. Yes! We’ve shifted our entire operational processes in order to prioritize support to your remote workers as we recognize working from home may be new and untested for several people.

What’s the process for non-urgent requests?

As you understand, our #1 priority is ensuing your remote users are productive and that our systems are stable. This means we need to make some hard choices for less-than-urgent requests and activities. As such, while we are in this emergency state, non-urgent issues will be worked on in a best effort basis, prioritized based on order of receipt.