Scheduling software has become the preferred method for keeping business schedules and appointments organized. Many different kinds of businesses have discovered the benefits of using online scheduling software. Truck business is no exception. The need to exercise far greater and tighter control over a truck fleet is a challenge every multi-location organization faces today and the Fleetgain program is a solution tailor made to fit the bill. Calculating practical efficient truck routes and multi-stop schedules automatically every day can help you reduce overall miles, driver payroll, fleet costs and laborious daily planning effort, as well as providing a more reliable delivery service for your customers.

Fleetgain enables smarter and faster scheduling with our effective & powerful yet easy to use scheduling modules. It uses the collaborative approach to scheduling by keeping track of the availability of trucks, truck drivers along with delivery priority and working days.


Based on a Software-as-a-Service model and developed as a Cloud-based solution, access to Fleetgain requires only a PC and an Internet connection and a central repository brings the latest product enhancements directly to each user as they are implemented. Task specific modules provide an integrated suite of tools for managing every aspect of the resource scheduling process.

  • Clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
  • Multiple user accounts and access permissions.
  • Group users and locations by territory for segregated management of larger organizations.

A Team Effort

Now it’s possible to virtually eliminate the dozens of phone calls required to manage shipments from end to end, checking availability and requesting deliveries. With Fleetgain, one look at the calendar and your employees can identify any soft spots, salesmen see that they are not promising the impossible, service managers know when to expect deliveries, and drivers can schedule their trips without oversight or unnecessary calls for verification.

Salient Features


The ability to capitalize on the flexibility of the Fleetgain system lies in its comprehensive settings options.


The first step of any delivery or pick-up is the request. Organized by month, week or even day, the full featured calendar system makes it quick and easy for users to request and track their shipments.


Utilizing your central dispatcher to their full potential requires the proper training but cannot be realized without a comprehensive suite of transportation dispatch software that puts all the vital facts at their disposal. Give people the right tools and they will find the efficiencies.


Shared between Schedulers and Drivers, the delivery screens provide the tools needed to confirm and track shipments at the dock and on the road. Lock vehicles to the schedule once they are confirmed and generate delivery slips for a single cargo or all at once.


Comprehensive reporting with extensive search and filtering capabilities.