Flexible, Cloud-Based Fleet Management

You can’t keep a schedule without software today, especially if you’re in the logistics and shipping business. Having an efficient system with integrated tools can extract maximum revenue from every pickup or delivery and reduce the costs that affect the bottom line directly. But developing a fleet management tool internally doesn’t make sense for trucking and logistics organizations. That’s why Supra ITS built FleetGain.

Simplified Scheduling and Logistics

FleetGain is the result of Supra ITS encountering the same problems for many of its customers. We realized trucking organizations need greater and tighter fleet management control to improve scheduling and logistics.

Delivered in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, FleetGain is a cloud-based solution that enables smarter and faster scheduling with our powerful yet easy-to-use scheduling modules. It tracks availability of trucks and drivers, along with delivery priority and working days.

Tailor-made for Supra ITS customers and leveraging our deep application development expertise, Fleetgain is tailor-made to calculate practical, efficient truck routes and multi-stop schedules automatically every day. Customers reduce overall miles, driver payroll, fleet costs and laborious daily planning effort, as well as provide a more reliable delivery service for their customers.

An Integral Backbone for Logistics and Scheduling

FleetGain’s secure, cloud-based fleet management enables schedule-driven businesses to effectively consolidate and optimize their shipments, line up their inbound and outbound freight and capitalize on pooled loads. FleetGain is an integral part of the logistics backbone, enabling customers to take one look at their scale.