Comprehensive and Robust Data Protection

When the information your business relies on to operate is accessed, shared and saved electronically, then your data is everything, and your business is as valuable as its last backup.

Backup, disaster recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the safety net beneath your business. When a serious threat becomes a reality, the systems, software, processes and protocols established under your Backup, DR and BCP strategy will protect your assets and save your critical data and customers from harm. Successful business continuity processes depend on backup and recovery solutions that operate seamlessly, continuously and consistently.

Backup, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

A Supra ITS backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning solution removes the effort and anxiety from a complex but essential business requirement. Our data protection expertise eliminates business risk, defines clear, streamlined processes and strategies, and reduces technology costs. Focusing on automated local and cloud-based solutions, we provide a tiered approach that recognizes that not all company data is created equal, and some must be prioritized (accounting data over photos of the annual summer picnic, for example).

We have an extensive range of data protection product and business expertise across all major industry sectors to call upon. From online cloud backup, recovery, electronic archiving, eDiscovery, hard disk encryption, lost data destruction solutions and business continuity planning, we guarantee both the products and service levels that will help you minimize the impact of an interruption of service – if not avoid them entirely.

Whether you choose an onsite or cloud data protection solution, your data will always be safe and available with reports and audit logs at your fingertips via centralized administrative control.

    • 24×7 data protection
    • Automated backup
    • Automatic installation
    • Cloud backup
    • Consulting services
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Disk recovery
    • Electronic archiving
    • Hard disk encryption
    • Online access to reports and logs
    • Reduced administration
    • Remote configuration
    • Seamless mass deployment
    • Security and regulatory compliance

Effective backup solutions address four key areas and span your entire technology infrastructure from a mobile workforce using laptops, smartphones and tablets to networks, hard drives, servers, databases and email. Our methodology provides a comprehensive process that delivers on key backup and DR objectives for complete data protection:

  • Secure Data is compressed and encrypted by a military-grade 256-bit AES encryption key before being transmitted via a secure SSL connection, the same standard used in the banking industry. Data remains encrypted within our secure data center, and is replicated for further backup in a redundant facility.
  • Streamline Time is a valuable. Our backup and DR solutions are fully-automated and designed with efficiency in mind, so you can ‘set and forget.’ Patented technology prevents file duplication. Bandwidth usage is reduced by up to 85% compared to standard products. LAN speed backup is also available with an onsite appliance.
  • Manage Using a secure, centralized online interface, clients can manage all backup and DR operations for computers and network services. Our staff are available to support configuration and changes to the set-up.
  • Comply Compliance can be a tricky business, and we have it covered. We offer data retention for periods up to seven years for normal backup, and indefinitely for archived data. Our solution meets all compliance standards, including GLBA, HIPAA, IRS, ISO 9001, PCI, SEC/NASD, SOX.


HP StoreOnce is an efficient and simplified disk-based backup solution that requires no dedicated hardware, reducing backup and storage costs. As a disk-to-disk (D2D) and Virtual Tape Library (VTL) solution, StoreOnce is suitable for businesses and technology environments of all shapes and sizes, with scalability for SMBs as well as Enterprise capabilities. StoreOnce is the only product of its type using federated deduplication technology to allow users to securely move data from any location. With the flexibility to use existing infrastructure, administrators can configure by application, enjoying 5x faster RTO and a major reduction in capacity.


EMC’s DataDomain is a market-leading and standard-setting storage and data security product that provides consolidated Backup and Disaster Recovery, archiving and target-based deduplication. DataDomain is renowned for its speed, superior security performance, network efficiency and scalability (2 PB of usable capacity in a single system). Boasting the highest duplication rates possible, DataDomain reduces the demand on bandwidth, storage and infrastructure while offering greater flexibility and performance.


Considered one of the U.S.’s most innovative technology companies, CommVault Systems develops data management, security and protection solutions for physical, virtual and Cloud-based technology environments. CommVault’s signature software product, Simpana, provides a range of practical functionality for businesses and organizations of every type and size. Simpana can be used to consolidate and ‘declutter’ by replacing multiple products. Using a single management console, Administrators can control and manage backup and recovery, archiving, resource management and replications.


DataProtector from HP is a nimble, automated and infinitely scalable backup and recovery solution, designed to work as effectively and efficiently for local SMBs as global Enterprise giants with advanced technology environments. DataProtector works across virtual, physical, and Cloud-based networks, integrating with a business’s existing IT infrastructure and applications to provide dynamic backup functionality for Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems. With support options for both tape and disk-based systems, DataProtector improves business continuity and performance.

If you haven’t begun to think about disaster recovery planning or feel your plan needs an update, check out our Disaster Recovery Primer.