Solutions That Solve Business Problems

The challenges of running a business are often shared across industries yet have their own unique characteristics. One size doesn’t fit all, but existing solutions can often solve new problems with a little tailoring and tweaking by an experienced technology partner.

Supra ITS has gained a great deal of knowledge assembling solutions for key areas of business operations to streamline processes, improve productivity and enable everyone to focus on their contributions to the organization’s core mandate.

Human Resources: Our robust, well-rounded human resource management system helps HR teams to get more done by automating workflows and providing software modules that address the entire HR lifecycle in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, including payroll, scheduling, benefits, and recruiting and onboarding—all supported by a central employee information database and self-service capabilities.

Learning Management Systems and Distance Learning: Developed in-house, Supra ITS’ LMS solutions address the distance learning requirements of school boards, colleges and universities.

E-commerce: We have developed a powerful and flexible online e-commerce portal for B2B and B2C companies that translates into more mobile, agile and effective business performance, whether you’re in the e-tail game or running online transactions to provision and deliver services.

Logistics and Scheduling: Supra ITS leverages its logistics know-how to match customer needs with off-the-shelf software or we can build customizable software that automates the process of creating and keeping a schedule.

Solutions that Keep the Focus on Business Growth

Essential operations functions shouldn’t get in the way of serving your customers and growing the business. Supra ITS’ portfolio of solutions helps you streamline and automate the processes you must have for everyone to do their jobs and contribute to the bottom line.