Keeping A Watchful Eye on Cloud Security

A key element of any robust security strategy is the ability to monitor all IT infrastructure, including data and applications in public cloud services, a managed private cloud or hybrid cloud environment. Robust cloud security requires a great deal of time and resources to proactively protect against vulnerabilities and threats.

Any organization that takes information security seriously, particularly as a means to remain compliant with government and industry regulations, should consider an experienced technology partner who can proactively monitor all aspects of their IT infrastructure and network to prevent any breach or downtime that would negatively affect their business operations and reputation.

Comprehensive, Proactive Monitoring

Supra ITS maintains a robust monitoring and alerting infrastructure which is comprised of multiple layers of security monitoring services. We leverage the same tools, staff and best practices that we use to monitor our infrastructure to monitor your hosted infrastructure and integrate them into your operational processes.

Our network security monitoring service delivers automated monitoring of all activity across your network, backed 24×7 by our experts who continuously monitor for any threat to your organization.

Our cloud security monitoring gathers and analyzes data from log monitoring and IT security alerts from servers and network devices across your environment, alerting us to any real, imminent cyber threats without the distraction of false positives.

Other benefits and features of our advanced cloud security monitoring include:

    • Simplified security and compliance reporting to streamline audits
    • Deployment of a virtual appliance on your network or at our data centre to capture logs from servers and network devices
    • Continuous monitoring of any critical security incidents that require attention
    • Network traffic monitoring using netflow technology and protocol analysis tools from our various firewalls, switches, routers and load balancers
    • Any anomalous traffic detected is sent to centralized log collectors
    • Supra’s operational processes stipulate that any out of compliance findings immediately trigger an incident ticket to correct the issue
    • Proactive health checks review all alerting and monitoring infrastructure, and all hosted servers for overall health, to make sure no monitored device has stopped communicating with the monitoring infrastructure

Run Your Business On a Fully- Monitored Network Architecture

Supra’s elastic private cloud architecture is engineered from the ground up with security and proactive network monitoring in mind to ensure availability, reliability and compliance so that our customers can focus on their core business, knowing their IT infrastructure is fully secure and redundant. Let us monitor for your end-to-end environment 24×7, so your IT team can focus on key initiatives aligned with business goals.