• December 28, 2023
  • Catagory Security

5 Security Trends to Watch in 2024

By : Justin Folkerts

Artificial intelligence (AI) and geopolitical instability will continue to disrupt businesses in 2024 and put pressure on their cybersecurity strategies to keep pace.

AI is an enemy and an ally

The bad news is that threat actors will continue to use AI, including generative AI, to try to steal your data and compromise your IT infrastructure through smarter social engineering. But even as AI-assisted attacks are expected to increase in 2024, security providers are going to leverage AI to improve cybersecurity tools.

More compliance obligations

You can expect the internet to get more regulated which means you will have more obligations as part of your efforts to secure your data. The UK recently passed its Online Safety Law, and Canada is working on similar legislation. This past year the European Union and the Federal Communications Commission both recommended additional data breach reporting requirements to be introduced in 2024.

Quantum encryption is coming

While it’s several years away, quantum computing will likely be able to thwart today’s encryption, so efforts are already underway to counter the threat through hardware-based protection that will require a transformation of existing IT infrastructure.

Beware nations, not just thieves

Nation states will invest in new technology such as AI and quantum computing to create and distribute malicious tools to not only achieve more scale, but also increase deniability. Expect “ransomware-as-a-service” to be expanded to more attack surfaces. The amount of investment necessary exploit these technologies will also see governments look to assist small and medium-sized businesses with their security investments in 2024 – Australia and the U.S. have already begun.

Get ready to fight on the mobile front

Security strategies in 2024 are poised to be mobile-first as mobile apps have become so dominant. Even with Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), it’s still easy for threat actors to turn mobile apps into weapons to attack backend systems and APIs. The year ahead will require increased adoption of mobile security.

These aren’t the only things organizations need to worry about going into 2024, so tapping into the expertise of a managed service provider with a focus on security should be your top resolution of the new year.