Application Support Across the Organization is Critical

Critical business applications are frequently customized for optimal performance, resulting in complex, multi-server deployments that require back-end databases, web-based employee portals, reporting services, interfaces to separate business processes and thick clients installed on end-user workstations. Every application is unique. Within any given environment, an application will have different performance requirements and priorities. In short: it can get messy, and organizations must have comprehensive application support in place.

Dedicated Support for Any Application

Supra ITS maintains a dedicated Application Support team, providing round-the-clock IT support and maintain current and legacy applications developed by third party vendors, as well as our own custom developed applications. From SMBs running single applications to multi-server enterprise deployments serving a disparate network of branch locations, Supra ITS will help you to plan, design, build and manage applications.

A few of the ways in which Supra ITS works with client teams to provide valuable application support include:

  • Design the solution using our tried-and-tested Consulting Methodology
  • Work directly with software vendors to ensure a right-size solution for today that can scale as required
  • Install, set up and configure hardware for physical and virtual environments
  • Provide detailed training and documentation to hand off to full-time support teams
  • Monitor and periodically review deployment
  • Provide a health-check status updates to ensure every client maximizes investments
  • Support for legacy applications


Decision makers rely on databases, analytics and querying tools to provide accurate, comprehensive data and business insights. By logical extension, the data at one’s fingertips is only as good as the database running behind it.

Supra ITS builds robust, secure and highly-available database decision infrastructures. From always-on clusters, geo-separated disaster recovery and remote office deployments, to integrations into web-based or thick client-based analytic tools from industry leaders such as Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, our team has an impressive track record of delivery. We work with clients through each or every stage of development, from a needs assessment to design or customizations and support.

Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions typically involve databases, web services, thick clients and analytic/reporting services. A common need is for these software tools to be accessible to remote staff or branch offices, partners, vendors and customers.

For the ERP or CRM solution to be widely and quickly embraced and accepted within an organization, the environment must quickly establish it security, speed and reliability credentials. Working together with a client’s vendors and business units, Supra ITS establishes the needs and challenges unique to your situation, and tailor a solution to the way you work. We actively avoid attempts to reverse engineer a company’s working culture and practices into the needs of the standard software.

Starting with a Proof of Concept (POC) test environment to deploying the full enterprise solution, we proactively guide clients and their teams through the full project lifecycle.

Content Management System (CMS)

An organization’s ability to harness the true value of all information within its grasp comes neither easily or accidentally. A Content Management System (CMS) is the art of organizing and presenting organizational information and assets in a professional, standardized and predicable format.

A CMS requires a robust, high-performance database, search tools, collaboration/sharing capabilities and a system to present information to the workstation and via web portals. Using dynamically scalable solutions, Supra ITS builds CMS infrastructures that expand with the organization as adoption increases. Working together with our application development teams, we can even provide the blueprint for content organization, categorization and classification.