Fast, Direct Connections to the Public Cloud

Risk, security and speed are three elements small- and mid-sized enterprises are most concerned about as they ponder moving data or applications to the public cloud.

As major vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and Google expand their footprint on Canadian soil, small- and mid-sized enterprises are evaluating them with an eye to flexibility. Instead of picking only one public cloud platform, they’re using multiple public cloud providers depending on the data or the workload. For example, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is popular for elastic storage, while Microsoft Azure’s appeal is the ability to run SQL workloads.

However, connecting quickly and securely to the public cloud while reducing the risk during the transition is still a key aim for organizations. They’re looking to incorporate public cloud platforms into their overall hybrid cloud that includes their own on-premise facilities and managed IT facilities provided by their technology partner without disruption to their business.

Get on the fast lane to the Public Cloud

Supra ITS has made the investment that allows customers to connect directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS Direct Connect and to Microsoft Azure using ExpressRoute. These “fast lanes” to two major public cloud platforms are being offered at no extra cost for our customers as part of their managed hybrid cloud that’s already managed by us. Set-up costs for the connections are normally included as part of transition services for Supra ITS’ managed IT customers, and the ongoing costs are included for those customers where we manage their private and public cloud. Other AWS and Azure costs are extra and depend upon the usage.

Data sovereignty has been an issue keeping many organizations from embracing public cloud. Supra ITS’ Canadian customers can be assured their data stays in Canada, whether it’s on the move or being stored as we have Tier 3 data centres in Canada that connect to these public clouds. We’ll soon make available similar direct connections to Oracle and Google public cloud infrastructure in Canada. In the meantime, our U.S. and international customers have flexibility as well with our data centres located around the world.

By putting in place these fast lanes to the public cloud, combined with our existing end-to-end security that spans our customers’ on-premise IT infrastructure, the public cloud services and our own data centres, Supra ITS is able to mitigate the risk of public cloud adoption, while also improving performance and latency.

The Last Piece of the Public Cloud Puzzle

Offering direct connections to Amazon using AWS Direct Connect and to Microsoft Azure using ExpressRoute is the last piece the puzzle that address the risk, security and speed. These direct, secure connections to major public cloud platforms are part of Supra ITS’ overall commitment to helping customers be “public cloud neutral.” It enables our customers to embrace a true hybrid cloud model that is fast and secure because data is not being transferred over the public internet.

Make Supra ITS your guide to how best to incorporate public cloud into your overall cloud strategy, whether it’s Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Oracle. Our public cloud neutrality enables you to combine their on-premise, private cloud and public cloud deployments to fully take advantage of the full benefits of a managed hybrid cloud model.