Dedicated delivery trucks at each location in today’s market is just not an economical choice.

Scheduling software is rapidly replacing dedicated teams of dispatch techs in the integral role of directing service reps throughout their daily appointments. The need to exercise far greater and tighter control over a truck fleet is a challenge every multi-location organization faces today and this growing John Deere dealership turned to Supra Its for a custom solution tailor made to fit the bill.


  • Everyone on same page. Create unified system capable of providing real time data to staff at multiple locations.
  • Efficiency. Users require the ability to make changes and additions with ease.
  • Take control. Develop the tools required to manage every aspect of the scheduling process in a single, integrated package.


  • Rededicated investments. The ability to employ fewer resources at a greater efficiency reduces overhead cost which can be reinvested into areas of greater need.
  • Comprehensive tools. Task specific modules provide an integrated suite of tools for managing every aspect of the resource scheduling process.
  • Availability. Developed as a Cloud-based solution, access to the application requires only a PC and an Internet connection.


  • Greater control. All facets of the scheduling process have been made readily available to all stakeholders, empowering employees to contribute to the process.
  • Optimization at all levels. Duplicate efforts and repeated tasks are minimized and processes are made more efficient.
  • Increased value. Improved delivery times and increased customer satisfaction lead to greater overall value.

The system not only provides better service to customers, it also eliminates one of the major friction points between stores and departments.

A matter of efficiency

One of the challenges of a multi-store dealership is communication and nowhere is that more evident than in the area of trucking. In the past, organizations with multiple stores would have a dedicated delivery truck at each location but in today’s market such an arrangement is just not an economical choice. Neither, for that matter, is a single truck if it requires a full-time dispatcher to schedule all of its pickups and deliveries.

Sound investments

Having less trucks making all of a dealership’s local and inter-store deliveries allows an organization to invest in fewer but higher quality vehicles that can handle all their needs, big or small.

The right tools

Utilizing their central dispatcher to their full potential was realized with a comprehensive suite of transportation dispatch software that puts all the vital facts at their disposal. Give people the right tools and they will find the efficiencies.

24/7 availability

The challenge of an effective scheduling application is its ability to provide the necessary information in real time and at all locations so that employees can make informed decisions. As a web-based application our solution made that requirement a reality and due to the 24/7 nature of the Internet, shipping requests could be placed at any time, day or night, and scheduling procedures could be made at the earliest possible opportunity.

A team effort

With their new system in place it was possible to virtually eliminate the dozens of phone calls that used to take place – checking when a truck would be available and where the driver was heading.

One look at the calendar and employees could know where any soft spots were, salesmen could see that they were not promising the impossible, service managers could know when to expect machines, and drivers could schedule their own trips without oversight or unneccessary calls for verification.

Better service

The system not only provided better service to customers, it also eliminated one of the major friction points between stores and departments. Everyone was able to use the same system to schedule a truck and everyone had access to the same information.