What is Supra ITS announcing?

Supra ITS has achieved the status of Oracle Managed Service (MSP) Provider, one of the few in Canada, having already been an Oracle Worldwide Gold Partner for many years.

What does this partnership status mean for current and prospective customers?

This certification means that clients that are looking to move their Oracle environments to the cloud now have a partner that can provision and manage your IaaS and PaaS requirements. This an ideal situation for customers looking to move to the Oracle Cloud, whether it’s Cloud Machine behind your firewall or Public Cloud, but are constrained by time, resources and expertise.

What Oracle services is Supra current offering?

Supra is offering a wide range of Oracle services including:

  • Design and implementation of a new cloud environment for customer
  • Support and management of Oracle ERP Cloud as well as EBS
  • Implementation and support for Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Shared Support Services for Oracle DBA

We can provide a complete set of project management resources to help design a net new build or a migrate of an existing on-premise environment – everything from provisioning to migration, from testing to ongoing management of the environment.

Which Oracle services are of strategic value to customers?

The areas where strategic value include:

  • Migration of customer to Oracle Cloud
  • Shared support services for Oracle ERP cloud
  • Implementation and support for Oracle Services such as HCM, Finance Cloud, Procurement cloud, SCM Cloud, Services Cloud etc.
  • Shared support services for Oracle DBA service, both for Oracle Core DBA as well as Oracle Apps DBA

Two areas of particular interest to clients are being able to migrate an environment to the Public Cloud and leverage IaaS and PaaS credits sold to them by Oracle Sales, and once on the Cloud, leverage Supra’s monitoring, networking and server management resources to maintain a Service Level Agreement (SLA) needed by their business consumers.

The other area of value is our DBA resources that can provide DBA Management capabilities enabling our clients to not have to worry about the Patching, Tuning and Diagnostics activities and focus on having DBA staff derive new business value through the building of new analytics capabilities.

Last but not the least, Supra’s deep expertise in Oracle applications implementation and production support provides a unique opportunity for our customers to have a partner who can support the entire spectrum of services, bringing higher efficiencies as there is no contention (finger pointing) between application and infrastructure providers.

How significant do Supra’s Oracle services rank in comparison with other Oracle partners?

The breadth and depth of our services is a key advantage compared to our competitors. Our offerings are competitive those of big four consulting companies in the enterprise space, but our ability to serve the small and medium enterprise (SME) space with competitive pricing enables us to help the north American and APAC market and the Oracle Sales teams.

The breadth of our services makes our offer unique in comparison to other players. Some of our key advantage include:

  • Single window access to all services, including infrastructure, applications, and databases
  • Wide range of services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) under one roof
  • Mature processes in providing diverse offerings to customer

How does Oracle fit within Supra’s public cloud offerings?

Oracle is a very strong software development company with the largest market share of the database market. It is also strong in ERP, HCM and SaaS solutions.  In the ERP space, for example, Oracle and SAP are two major players in and occupy more than 80 percent of the market. Oracle is unique in a way that there are no other Major ERP players who are providing such offering on cloud.

It also an emerging player in the pubic cloud wars, competing with Amazon (AWS), and to lesser extent, Microsoft, and gaining momentum. Oracle is targeting current on-premise deployments to migrate to the cloud. Supra’s migration and cloud MSP status enables us to align with Oracle’s cohesive selling strategy.

Supra is uniquely poised to support and manage customers which are in SMB space. With our depth of knowledge in Cloud and our understanding in Oracle Applications, Supra can partner with Oracle to acquire SMB customers who are likely to look for a cost effective cloud solutions vis-à-vis Oracle cloud offering.

How does Oracle within Supra’s broad hybrid cloud portfolio?

Publicly traded companies and government agencies sometime cannot sit in the Public Cloud because those environments are sometimes based outside their respective countries, so we can provision the Oracle cloud in our customer’s environment behind their firewalls, Supra’s private cloud with Data Centers in Canada, USA and India for data sovereignty compliance requirements. With our Networking and Enterprise Security capabilities already in place we can enable a client to migrate to a Hybrid environment quickly and comfort that the data both in transit and at rest will remain within their country borders.

Does Oracle have many MSP partners?

Oracle’s MSP partner community is growing and currently have global MSP partners in double digits as the requirements are complex and vetting process is quite extensive. Most of the partners are large consulting companies, currently four in Canada and Supra is ideally positioned to support SME marketplace worldwide with its follow the sun model for uptime and production support.

How is Supra different from other Oracle partners in Canada?

Supra has been an early cloud adopter and its public / private cloud offerings are quite mature. With a strong Oracle applications practice, Supra’s offering look very rich and deep vis-à-vis other competitors. Most Oracle partners are focused on traditional ways of delivering value by being resellers of hardware and software. Supra has focused on the ability to co-sell cloud services and deliver on the promise of the cloud to those Oracle customers and offer complete solution encompassing DBA and application support as well.

Will Supra be supporting fast, direction connections to Oracle cloud like we announced with Microsoft and Amazon?

Yes, Oracle has announced that it will opening two data centres in Canada and Supra will be setting up direct fast connections to the Oracle Cloud in 2019.