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Case Studies

Real life business success stories from some of our top clients.

Supra Its has been fortunate enough to help a number of companies around the world solve their most difficult business and technology challenges.

Our customer case studies give first-hand accounts of how Supra Its has helped organizations achieve and exceed their goals.

Radio Broadcasting Group - CMS

In the case of this leading media company with multiple affiliates, their needs would go beyond a simple CMS to include the ability to manage content for a number of regional outlet websites, all using a single, integrated control panel.

Board of Education - Student Tracking

Due to changes in the Ontario government's funding model for distance education learning, a need was created for a comprehensive program that would allow teachers, office personnel and administrators to track the progress of distance education students.

John Deere Dealership - Logistics

Utilizing the client's central dispatcher to their full potential was realized with a comprehensive suite of transportation dispatch software that put vital information at their disposal.