Supra ITS has a long history of helping customers get the most from their Oracle investments, but we realized it was important for us to step up our game. After years of experience as an Oracle Worldwide Gold partner, we’re now an Oracle Managed Service Provider (MSP)—one of the few in Canada. The Oracle MSP certification reflects our managed hybrid cloud focus while aligning with Oracle’s strategy to move their customer base to the cloud.

Our Oracle MSP designation reflects our belief that as full-service technology partner it’s essential we understand both the application and infrastructure layers. We provide implementation and transition services on our customers’ premises, our private cloud or in the Oracle public cloud.Supra ITS is uniquely suited to offer its Oracle services not only in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) space, but also in Oracle cloud applications offerings. Our expertise managing infrastructure as well as applications gives Supra ITS an edge over other Oracle partners who do not have the breadth of experience across both.

Ready for the Oracle Public Cloud in Canada

If you’re looking to move your Oracle environments to the cloud you now have an Oracle partner that can provision and manage your IaaS and PaaS requirements—especially ideal if you’re looking to move to the Oracle Cloud, whether it’s Cloud Machine behind your firewall or the Oracle Public Cloud. Most of all, we provide the resources and expertise so you can easily ramp up your Oracle cloud adoption without breaking the bank.

You don’t have to be an existing Oracle customer either. If you’re looking at greenfield opportunities to leverage Oracle’s IaaS/PaaS and Public Cloud, we can help get you started. We also offer shared support services for Oracle ERP in the cloud, as well as implementation and support for other popular Oracle applications such as human capital management, supply chain management and Hyperion.

Of course, a key piece of the Oracle foundation has also been its database, so Supra ITS also provides shared support services for Oracle Core DBA as well as Oracle Apps DBA. We provide DBA Management capabilities, so you don’t get bogged down with the patching, tuning and diagnostics activities. Instead, your DBA staff can focus driving new business value by building new analytics capabilities.

Ultimately, being recognized as an Oracle MSP means you have a partner that can support the entire spectrum of services you need to get the most from your Oracle applications, both in terms of resource efficiencies and bottom-line business benefits.

For more information about our what our Oracle MSP designation means for you, check out our FAQ.

Arun Prakash is executive vice president of Supra ITS.

  • January 25, 2018
  • Catagory Hybrid Cloud

Ready to take the fast lane to the public cloud?

Risk, security and speed are the three elements we find small- and mid-sized enterprises are most concerned about as they ponder moving data or applications to the public cloud.

That’s why Supra ITS recently made the investment to let customers connect directly to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using AWS Direct Connect and to Microsoft Azure using ExpressRoute. These “fast lanes” to two major public cloud platforms are being offered at no extra cost for our customers as part of their managed hybrid cloud that’s already managed by us.

Selection and Security

As major cloud vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle and Google expand their footprint on Canadian soil, we’re seeing that interested customers want flexibility – they’re not picking only one vendor. Rather, they’re using multiple cloud platforms depending on the data or the workload. For example, AWS is popular for elastic storage, while Microsoft Azure’s appeal is the ability to run AWS workloads. At the same time, customers are continuing to maintain their own private clouds, either on-premise or managed by someone else. Most likely, they are combining all three in a hybrid model.

The fact that the major public cloud players are opening Canadian facilities means they’re addressing the data sovereignty issue that keeps many organizations from embracing public cloud. Now they can be assured their data stays in Canada, whether it’s on the move or being stored. Our part of the equation is that we have Tier 3 data centres in Canada that connect to these cloud platforms. We’ll soon make available similar direct connections to Oracle and Google public cloud infrastructure.

The Last Piece of the Public Cloud Puzzle

Offering direct connections to Amazon using AWS Direct Connect and to Microsoft Azure using ExpressRoute is the last piece of the puzzle that address the risk, security and speed. These direct, secure connections to major public cloud platforms are part of Supra ITS’ overall commitment to helping customers be “public cloud neutral.” It enables our customers to embrace a true hybrid cloud model that is fast and secure because data is not being transferred over the public internet.

Reduced latency and improved performance, of course, are the obvious benefits of a direct connection to the public cloud. But in this era of frequent data breaches and increased privacy regulation, security can be a deal breaker when companies consider moving to AWS or Azure. By putting in place these fast lanes to the public cloud, combined with our existing end-to-end security that spans our customers’ on-premise IT infrastructure, the public cloud services and our own data centres, we’re able to mitigate the risk of public cloud adoption.

Set-up costs for the connections are normally included as part of transition services for Supra ITS’ managed IT customers, and the ongoing costs are included for those customers where we manage their private and public cloud. Other AWS and Azure costs are extra and depend upon the usage.

A Partner for Public Cloud Success

Cloud computing is no longer the future, it’s reality. As noted by research firm InfoTech, there’s been lots of hype about cloud, but the adoption trends are real, and Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are leading the charge. At the same time, private clouds – both — on-premises and in hosted services – continue to grow. This presents an opportunity to transform IT to be an effective broker of services from the hybrid cloud.

At Supra ITS, we see our role as being a guide and resource for small- and mid-sized enterprises that are looking at how best to incorporate public cloud into their overall cloud strategy, whether it’s Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Oracle. Our neutrality enables customers to combine their on-premise, private cloud and public cloud deployments to fully take advantage of the full benefits of a managed hybrid cloud model.