Guaranteed Availability and Uptime

The availability and uptime of IT infrastructure and the applications they host are vital to keeping a customer’s business running. Downtime can mean loss of revenues and lower customer satisfaction, but it requires a great deal of time and resources.

Comprehensive Business Uptime Services




As part of our broader Managed IT services offering, Supra ITS’ Business Uptime Services are designed to keep a customer’s business running smoothly by avoiding common errors and providing around-the-clock coverage with properly skilled staff.

Our Business Uptime Services comprise a number of core components, including:

  • 24 X 7 Support and Monitoring: This service is critical for organizations that have trouble staffing skilled support people across multiple shifts to cover business users and their applications. Our Level 1 Service Desk acts a central communications point for triaging all IT-related issues for users and applications, while our Proactive Monitoring Service provides ongoing monitoring of a customer’s environment to ensure potential issues are avoided.
  • Secure Networking: This service connects customer sites with hosting locations, be they co-located, cloud-based, or otherwise, in a secure and cost-effective manner. Direct connections to hosted locations ensures bandwidth and security are applied with the right service performance levels. We properly configure firewalls and load balancers to ensure applications are resilient and secure.
  • Data Protection: All applications, files and databases require methods to recover from data loss caused by human error, system failures and data corruption. We offer two Data Protection Services: Backup & Recovery and Disaster Recovery.
  • Predictive Care:This extends onsite warranty services for physical devices, including Wi-Fi endpoints, and includes asset tracking, onsite labour for replacement, and reconfiguration of failed parts. By using our service, our customers can avoid the need to call vendors, coordinate repair tasks and perform reconfigurations themselves.

Move Faster, Keep Running

Supra ITS supports your business in a way that makes sure it’s always running. Our Business Uptime Services provide around-the-clock monitoring and technical support for your networks, data, and equipment, enabling your IT staff to focus on work activities that support your company’s strategic initiatives, instead of on the lower-value day-to-day IT operations.

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