Student Information

Supra Canada has the expertise to help you address today’s challenges and prepare your school district or College for tomorrow’s needs. We also have developed in-house applications to address your distant learning requirements.

Working with a large software vendor’s Education Solution Division, Supra was involved with the design, development, implementation and post-implementation support of two separate comprehensive education administrative software applications. These were specifically designed and developed for higher education institutions (Colleges) and K-12 school districts. The application package meant for Colleges include modules such as student, class scheduling, financial, human resources, and alumni data. The K-12 package consisted of student, attendance, class scheduling, grades, financial and human resources. Both applications also satisfied all the State and Federal mandated reporting requirements.

Both application systems are highly integrated within themselves because each module shared a common database. This common, shared database makes it easy to maintain records on someone who applies to any college, becomes a student, graduates, and then becomes an alumnus. One of the primary distinguishing features in both application systems is their database structure, which allowed for online, real time access via the web.

Some of the key features of the College application include:

  • Allow students and faculty to view grades, transcripts, and degree evaluations online without having to visit the Registrar’s office
  • All students to view their class schedule and account balances online
  • Allow students to complete financial aid requirements; accept, decrease, and reject awards; and communicate with the financial aid office over the internet
  • Allow students register for classes online, checking for pre-requisite requirements real-time

In the HR module, online access allows:

  • Employee enrollment in benefits
  • Employee to update personal information (tax exemption, directory profile, biographic info.)
  • Alumni to update their personal profiles, learn about upcoming campus events and news, and easily make donations

The K-12 Student Information solution is a comprehensive student information system that combines a district wide record management system with an easy to use data entry point for teachers, counselors and principals. It allows all stakeholders access to information. Students, teachers, parents and administrators can access data in real-time to make better decision for the student, school and district.

Whether taking attendance, producing a transcript or checking a budget allocation, the system provides a common user-friendly interface between all modules.

Both educational software applications were originally developed to run on Unisys mainframes using DMS II database and Cobol language. Subsequently the applications were migrated to run on Microsoft environment. The database was migrated to Microsoft SQL Server, easy to use, secure and stable. The applications were migrated to Visual Basic and then to .Net technology with several enhancements to stay current with the needs of the educational institutions. The user interface component was enhanced substantially providing online help at a field level, so as to enable the users to be able to navigate through the various screens of the application with minimum training. Keeping in mind the extent of changes that come through in the field of education, from both State and Federal mandates, a knowledge database covering answers to several questions spanning across the different modules of both applications was also developed to address commonly faced issues or problems by the end-users.

The applications are used all across United States with more than 50 school districts using combination of K-12 package modules and over 20 Colleges using the higher education package.

Several enhancements including making the application mobile / tablet friendly, encrypted data storage, field level security, restricted access, and many more are currently underway.