Order To Invoice Processing

Supra, as part of their application development portfolio, was involved in enhancing the Order processing application for a large telecommunication company. This telecommunication company had both Residential Business customers who were either renting telephone equipment for a monthly charge or had the option to buy the equipment outright or to rent and buy. Our project focussed mainly on applications that supported the business customers. Every business customer’s equipment charge (renting or outright purchase) included a discount plan that was dependent on the volume of business they gave to this telecommunication company. Annually the discount plan was reviewed and hence the equipment charges revised for the following year.

There were three different applications developed in Microsoft environment using SQL Server database as the back end, supporting the quote to fulfilment processing, inventory management and billing process.

The overall objective of this application enhancement project:

  • Improve the quote accuracy,
  • Fulfilment accuracy and efficiency,
  • Eliminate any billing errors, and
  • Ensure timely revenue is recognized
  • Ensure smooth flow of data between modules
  • Several reports to be generated using Crystal reports to satisfy management requirements

Our responsibilities included:

  • Conducting organizational level data and application system analysis to understand the structure, quality and consistency of the client’s existing database
  • Detailed understanding of the existing application including its capabilities and functions at a user level
  • Prepare document of understanding and enhancements to applications satisfying all stakeholders
  • Develop a prototype to enable end users to visualize what the final application will look like
  • Software development, testing and implementation
  • User and technical documentation

The key challenge to the success of this project was to keep the sales representatives, fulfilment specialists and finance manages on the same page, making sure that all the enhancements to the applications did not increase their work load.

Several reports developed as part of this project, proved that revenue generation had improved substantially. Also, and multiple customer satisfaction surveys conducted by third parties showed improvements to the overall customer satisfaction.

Future enhancements that we had recommended and were part of their design included:

  • Web enabling the order, fulfilment and payment applications to empower the business customer to manage their requirements in their timeframe
  • Real-time reporting of outstanding orders, and provide anticipated delivery date to customers via e-mail
  • Improvements to Inventory Management application for better stock management in multiple warehouses
  • Mobile enabling the applications to improve customer satisfaction