Identity & Access IAM

Identity And Access Management (IAM) provide Identity Authentication, Authorization, Access Management, Access Reporting, Access Auditing, Single Sign-on or Reduced Sign-On services at the enterprise level to enable organizations to provide better services to their clients. The organizations can benefit improved security while reducing cost to maintain their employee’s accesses based on the organization’s policies. This leading financial institution of Canada used Supra’s services to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities and their related access permissions in an automated fashion. This ensured that access privileges are granted according to the organization policy and properly authenticated, authorized and audited before granting access to the organization assets.

This financial institution is not using any vendor tool for Identity and Access Management. Most of the IAM services, i.e. Identity and access provisioning, access verification, single sign-on, role management etc. was done by designing and developing in-house tools. Supra was heavily involved in designing and developing these tools and services.

Following are some of the major work done by Supra as part of the IAM initiative: