Content Management Systems

The majority of businesses today first meet their customers not in person, but via their website. How a new visitor and potential customer engages and navigates the content on the site in that ‘first date’ is critical to ensuring that there’s a follow-up.

Supra ITS develops Content Management Systems (CMS) solutions for businesses who need to control and manage their content easily and efficiently, without becoming a technical wizard or ‘web Jedi’.

Less ‘techie’, more time

The big three advantages of implementing a Content Management Server (CMS) solution are:

  • A CMS requires no per seat licensing and the development environments operate at various pricing levels, meaning the Total Cost of Ownership is comparatively low
  • Business owners and administrators have access to the web authoring tools, and a simple super-friendly User Interface (UI) such as Microsoft Office, so changes can be implemented faster and easier than ever.
  • Supra ITS provides flexible, dynamic website CMS solutions built on the most reliable software in the industry. These major players have the stability, budget and vision to provide forward-thinking features that companies can use and grow with.

Based on the Microsoft .NET platform, and using time-tested, flexible products, A Supra ITS CMS solution maximizes a project’s expected Return on Investment (ROI), while providing the customer with the confidence that comes from working with trusted companies.

  • Change or modify the website look & feel
  • Control navigation and architecture
  • Easily create new Web Parts
  • Integrate social media channels and tools
  • Optimize content searchability
  • Organize and manage multimedia files and documents
  • Target time-sensitive content to a specific audience or event

Supra ITS offers innovative solutions based on the Microsoft .NET platform, utilizing proven and flexible industry products in a pragmatic manner to maximize a given project’s potential return on investment (ROI). Capabilities such as creating new Web Parts; changing the look and feel of pages to appeal to a target audience while preserving your identity and message and offering useful search and contact information are just a few of the powerful tools an Supra ITS CMS solution will provide.

Almost anything is possible with a custom CMS, and we work together with customers to identify and prioritize their investment and the features required to deliver on set goals. Below are a few examples used to demonstrate the capabilities of our CMS solutions.

Here are samples of capabilities an Supra ITS CMS solution:

Bilingual Capabilities
Supra ITS CMS solution services help users to share and manage information and documents in a Website through bilingual capabilities. Language packs allow the creation of Web Sites in different languages and multiple language packs could be installed in the same server.
Mobile device connectivity options and access
Supra ITS CMS solution services include support for using mobile phones to access the internet site. It supports accessing information from web browser enabled mobile phones or other devices.
Improved information architecture
Supra ITS CMS solution services include a set of customizable and extensible navigation features that help orient users of your intranet site so they can move around sites and pages.
Ease of interfacing with other applications and the-out-of-the-box offers will ease the capabilities of document management and sharing with your selected partners.
Supportability and Sustainability
Supra ITS CMS solution services can be a great cost saver based on support and implement services. We will support your organization to ensure that the system is in place effectively.
Hosting, Maintenance and Support
Supra ITS CMS solution support services provide our customers with the ability to support portal or custom-build solutions, applications and infrastructure and allows customer staff to stay focused on the execution of internal key processes and adoption strategies. This strategy maximizes the ROI of the implementation.
Google Analytics and SEO
Supra ITS CMS solution services have a framework that can handle these for you at a base level, we go the extra length to provide you with a plan of action for continued success.
Blogs, Wiki’s, RSS Feeds, W3C Compatibility
Supra ITS CMS solution services can do all of this.