Association Management

Supra ITS’s feature-rich, fully integrated suite of products that improve how Associations manage time, resources and information related to their memberships. Associations are governed by more stringent regulations than private sector organizations, with a mandate to protect public interest in effect at all times. Consequently, the processes and safeguards in operation are equally complex.

There are dozens of relevant products and technologies designed to help associations improve operations, but navigating the choices and building the best-fit solution is where we can help.

As a product integrator, our solutions help administrators ensure that proper governance, compliance, security and collaboration is effectively maintained at all times with ease and efficiency, while opening up many opportunities to improve and grow each organization individually. With successful integrations within key industry sectors, including Healthcare, Government and Finance, Supra ITS is well placed to guide associations to the best solution for their budget and goals.

Beyond compliance, the real benefit emerges from the greater understanding and insights gleaned from the member network’s data, and the ability to engage members with information and services they need and will most likely respond to.

Powerful tools can provide reports and statistical analysis, along with data and information sharing among colleagues, meaning decision making and speed-to-market are significantly improved.

Key features

  • Attendance measurement
  • Customize website content
  • Email marketing & database management
  • Event registration
  • Manage communication
  • Member engagement & activity
  • Payment & collection services
  • Publish newsletters & monitor engagement
  • Update member profiles and directories

Day-to-day benefits

  • 24/7 support
  • Best practices on tap from Supra ITS consultants
  • Easy, instant access to membership data
  • More efficient use of resources
  • No more lost emails, documents or faxes
  • One access point for all member-related data
  • Single management system improves processes

The Supra ITS framework reflects an innovative approach that enables membership management services for organizations within a regulatory environment.

Responding to the unique requirements of each organization, while leveraging ongoing incremental value from commercial off the shelf (COTS) products, the Supra ITS integrated solution delivers immediate value from day one, and provides a clear roadmap for future action and investment.

A raft of features are customized to each association, creating administration efficiencies and benefits to staff while continually improving member satisfaction.