North Portal

SupraITS’ vast experience in conceptualization and implementation of CMS (Content Management System) enabled websites for specific requirements make it an ideal choice for whom we have designed websites and implemented them using our proprietary Content Management System: NPCMS (North Portal Content Management System).

Customer satisfaction and product delivery based on industry and quality standards are key factors in the minds of our delivery teams and management. This translates into stringent adherence to industry standards and norms during all website / software development phases and processes, enabling us to provide turnkey solutions to customers worldwide. We maintain an on-going quality management system in our process and services enabling us to meet or exceed customer requirements.

SupraITS fully understands that website solution requirement must accurately address its goals, strategic concerns, technology investments, procurement policies, and the need for a highly interactive website which is easily manageable by the Municipality staff. To this end, SupraITS recommends our front-line website development team that will meet client functional and technical requirements.


As a solution to the immediate requirements of websites, SupraITS proposes that the new website be designed according to the standard website development process at SupraITS which pays special attention to the following components of a website:

  1. Appearance1


    The look and feel of a website is not only important with respect to representing the information you want to, but it is also important with respect to how the information is represented so that your message reaches the target audience easily.

  2. Content2


    The content on the website is what the website speaks on your behalf. It is important that the content be appropriately written and well placed in the website to help you send your message across to the visitors.

  3. Functionality3


    Every component of your website should solve the purpose for which it is there, and it should do it quickly ad correctly. Menus on your website should be responsive and structured properly to ensure easy access to different areas of the website. Search boxes should provide accurate results, and so on. SupraITS ensures that every component on its websites does every bit of what it is supposed to do.

  4. User Experience4

    User Experience

    Your website is as good as it is useable for your intended visitors. SupraITS ensures that your website is user friendly taking care of the following elements: Prominent and logical navigation, fast loading pages, consistent layout, minimal scroll, cross-platform / cross-browser compatibility, descriptive link text, and optimization for screen resolutions.

  5. Integration capability5

    Integration capability

    A websites capability to communicate and share functionality and information with other applications is critical for meeting certain business and functional requirements. Our website structuring and coding standards ensure that our websites are able to talk to compatible applications as and when required.

  6. SEO Ready6

    SEO Ready

    Majority of the visitors today reach a website through Search Engines. SupraITS’ website development practices ensure that websites are optimized and ready for SEO inputs at any point of time