Comprehensive Trade Record Management for Real Estate Brokerages

Real estate management has a lot of ins and outs, whether you are realtor, landlord, lawyer or tenant. For a brokerage authorized to trade in real estate on behalf of another person, the trading process involves day-to-day listing or selling functions by employees under the guidance and direction of the Broker of Record, which maintains the brokerage trust account and reviewing and signing trade record sheets (TRS).

TRS management is the backbone of any brokerage’s operations. With its long history of supporting the managed IT needs of real estate organizations, Supra ITS saw the need for an application that takes care of brokerages’ TRS management requirements with ease and accuracy.

BromaSys Puts Trade Record Management in the Cloud

BromaSys leverages Supra ITS’ deep application development expertise to provide a cloud-based integrated suite of tools that address every aspect of the trade record management process. Delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, its clean, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface supports multiple user accounts and access permissions to meet the variable needs of real estate brokerages.

Brokerages have complete control over their users with control that restricts or provides access to various functions, including administrator privileges and the ability create user groups with specific access rules. BromaSys enables both the brokerage and realtors to do everything that’s needed in a robust trade record management system:

  • Allows registered realtors to manage their transactions with the brokerage
  • Allows registration of and communication with realtors of other brokerages.
  • TRS file status update alerts to realtors
  • Alerts tied to specific fields of the TRS file that are sent to recipients on update of those fields.
  • Ability to add multiple documents to support TRS files
  • Allows specifying multiple conditions to be fulfilled with each TRS file with the option to mark them exempted or not exempted
  • Default commissioning structure can be set for all TRS files as well as individual TRS files
  • Provides control of email alerts and their templates to brokerages

BromaSys also includes comprehensive reporting for different levels within a real estate brokerage, including extensive search and filtering capabilities. It enables brokerages to create, manage and generate reports for multiple trust accounts and general accounts.

BromaSys Supports the Backbone of a Real Estate Brokerage

Trade record management drives the activities of any real estate brokerage. Supra ITS has combined its long history of delivering managed IT to real estate businesses with its application development expertise so real estate brokerages can execute trade record management with ease and accuracy.