Supra ITS Social is used to create and administer Social Media outlets. This includes Facebook page as well as LinkedIn accounts and SEO. In order to accomplish this goal, Supra ITS will have a designated Social Media administrator assigned to the client account. This assigned resource will have the following tasks:

  • Initial setup of Facebook & LinkedIn Accounts.
  • Posting of relevant “newsfeeds” and articles. Facebook posts will occur three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) with LinkedIn posts occurring Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Removal of any spam postings. Removal of any derogatory comments that could be counter-productive to the publicity and marketing campaign of client Insurance.
  • Posting of any events related to client Insurance (this is dependent on client providing Supra ITS teams with the required information prior to the event).
  • Any other information client requires to be posted, as long as it is provided to our editorial staff in a timely manner.

The Supra ITS Digital Marketing / SEO team has developed an exclusive approach to Search Engine Optimization based on our core expertise:

We use the most up-to-date online research and tools – dramatically reducing time spent analyzing each unique marketplace.

Our team consists of highly productive, passionate, experienced and certified marketers that really enjoy the challenge of building your online business.

Supra ITS’s Search Engine Optimization program consists of:

  • Keyword Identification: The correct keywords have to be identified first. These are phrases related to the site and ‘USED’ by surfers to find your service or product.
  • Competitive Analysis: The websites ranking high for the keywords selected are reviewed for their link structure, optimization method and incoming links.
  • Page optimization: The website is thoroughly optimized with meta tags, body text and internal links.
  • Link building: Incoming links are generated to increase “importance” for your website.
  • Submissions: Your web pages are systematically submitted to various search engines and directories.
  • Analysis & Re-Optimization: Results are observed over a period of time. Depending on the rankings and traffic analysis, further work is done.
  • Reporting: Throughout the course of the optimization, web stats are observed and tactics are altered based on analytic analysis.

Tactical Recommendations: Based upon an initial analysis of your website, here is a common list of the strategies and tactics that we will implement to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization includes, but is not limited to:

  • Optimizing for Correct Keywords
  • Optimizing Page Titles
  • Optimizing Descriptions and Meta/Alt Tags
  • Renaming HTML Filenames
  • Optimizing Heading Tags – H1 to H5 Tags
  • Cross Text Linking – Internal Hyper-linking
  • Web Site Architecture – Site Map

Off the page search engine optimization including, but not limited to:

  • Create or repair Google sitemap if not correct or not functioning
  • Adjust Google crawl frequency
  • Link from DMOZ.ORG (Open Directory Project) and other relevant directories that have no cost.
  • Increasing PR (PageRank) through recommendation of relevant websites to purchase backlinks (subject to available budget from client).

Additional link development strategies, we commonly use:

  • Choose quality over quantity. Link quality carries more weight than quantity. Spend time getting the highest quality links pointing to your site.
  • Harness online publicity. How-to tips, helpful articles, even useful press releases often garner links from other web sites. Publicity is usually part of a company’s overall marketing plan, so harnessing these resources for link development can be a useful task.
  • Use blogs and forums wisely. Blogs and forums can call attention to useful information on your own site.
  • Use search engines to research link development. Look at competitors’ sites to determine their link development strategy. It can help you with your own. What newspapers and media outlets do they use for online publicity? What web directories link to their sites?

Monthly Reporting & ongoing optimization, including but not limited to:

  • Analyze current state of your website and those of your competitors through a competitive analysis.
  • Produce an initial benchmark report and subsequent monthly reports by both keyword and search engine to monitor, and optimize as needed.
  • Continue the link building effort – essential in keeping your listings.
  • Work with ongoing changes initiated by different Search Engines from time to time.

Google Adwords:

Certain percentage budget is allocated for Google Adwords in the custom package we have prepared.

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