Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is a simple term disguising a highly complex software management system that can dramatically improve business decisions, processes and results.

Typically, ERP represents a suite of applications that encompass part or the whole business life-cycle – from product concept design to manufacturing, customer delivery and after-market care – to gather, store, manage and analyze relevant data.

With such a broad reach, an ERP solution can have equally far-reaching effects on an organization, and it takes an experienced head to guide and manage how, what, why and when of any ERP implementation. Supra ITS has seasoned consultants with application and domain expertise on board to ensure that every ERP implementation is as dependable and predictable as it is effective.

ERP benefits in brief:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase revenues and profit margins
  • Make smarter, more strategic decisions
  • Improve product speed to market


Due to their respective positions in the market, we primarily partner with Oracle E-Business Solutions and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, among other leading technologies. These have proven highly-effective in engaging and supporting customers from the time strategic decision are made (with help from our investigative tool), through the implementation and post-implementation phases.

With a range of experience across many industry verticals, we provide end-to-end ERP services, including:

  • Implementations
  • Upgrades
  • Application management services
  • Hosting
  • Remote DBA
  • Help desk
  • Archive and purge services 

Learn more about

ERP Project Scoping

Following a comprehensive analysis of Organization’s ERP requirement and solution recommendations, our consultants provide a clear and concise guideline outlining the project scope, goals, budget and schedule. The organization uses this to prepare effectively for change and mitigate risk and maximize project potential by providing insight and feedback at the planning stage.

Application Management Services

It’s not just about the money. While we can easily demonstrate the cost efficiencies and savings from previous ERP solutions and implementations, Supra ITS delivers more value through knowledge transfer, seamless transitions, improved SLAs and process formalizations that improve performance metrics across the board.

Oracle Transition Assessment

The upgrade to R12 has represented a challenge for many organizations, occasionally resulting in postponements. Supra has developed a proprietary tool that takes the pain away, and paves the way for a smooth transition through providing accurate assessments of outcomes and the impact of change. unique investigative tool which provides us with an accurate outcome of the assessment in terms of quantum and impact of the change. All of this is achieved with no involvement of business users.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Services

Creating greater connectivity, productivity and business insights for small- and medium-sized businesses, MS Dynamics NAV Services integrates with other leading Microsoft products and technologies to provide a cost-effective solution. Tight integration with the Microsoft Office productivity tools, Microsoft Office and Windows, Dynamics NAV helps employees get more done in less time. Microsoft Dynamics NAV leverages MS BizTalk Server, SQL Server and SharePoint to help connect systems, trading partners and employees, securely unlocking greater value from business data.