Supra ITS worked closely with the Southwestern Ontario Medical Education Network (SWOMEN) to develop an Enterprise portal with a multi-level information sharing system providing timely updates, articles, schedules and more to a broad range of medical education students, teachers and directors.

Custom adaptable back-end administration tools allowed SWOMEN to easily maintain what would otherwise be an intimidating and complicated online cataloging process. A well-structured user interface ensured that users and administrators were able to locate key information quickly and easily.

“A bespoke solution with an adaptable architecture allow us to easily maintain what would otherwise be an intimidating and complicated online administration process.”

In order to facilitate such dynamic information tracking and sharing requirements on a scale as large as that of Southwestern Ontario, a user-friendly, comprehensive and dedicated solution is not just a “nice to have” it is a “must have”.

  1. Comprehensive and intuitive1

    Comprehensive and intuitive

    The solution provided to the client contained a flexible management system that enabled them to disseminate priority information online. An intuitive user interface ensured a low learning curve and integrated search capabilities enabled their audience to locate information quickly and easily.

  2. Track and monitor2

    Track and monitor

    The new system allowed the client to maintain detailed participant information for those involved in their vital MedQUEST program. Robust reporting features simplified the sharing process and allowed for more direct methods of gathering statistics and identifying those records requiring more direct attention.

  3. Improved registration3

    Improved registration

    In order to facilitate the flux of graduate applications to the MedQuest program each year, automated online application forms were implemented, enabling information to be brought in with minimal effort and opening the application process up to 24 x 7 accessibility.

  4. Optimized resources4

    Optimized resources

    The bespoke solution, with its low learning curve and time-saving features, provided procedural changes which will have a long lasting effect on time and cost, allowing the client to continue reaping benefits over the long term. As a closed source solution, the custom developed solution offers the added benefit of its code not being openly available on the Internet, vulnerable to anyone with the time and inclination to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

  5. End to end accountability5

    End to end accountability

    Implementing connected processes which facilitate the flow of information from beginning to end introduced greater transparency and accountability. Details regarding opportunities, communities, hospitals, etc. served to educate the target audience while the ability to register online drove candidates into the management system for manipulation and review. This information was then made available in a comprehensive directory where it could be monitored and acted upon when and where necessary.