• October 24, 2019
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Business process services removes roadblocks to profit for freight transportation companies

By : Terry Holland

Freight transportation is fast paced with tight margins, and while technology can give companies competitive advantage, the road to a better bottom line must include business process services.

Like many industries, freight transportation is dependent on a lot of things happening behind the scenes so parcels large and small get from A to B. But essential as they are, they aren’t necessarily core business operations. In addition, keeping some processes in-house can be more expensive because it means maintaining IT and communications infrastructure that ties up people and resources and keeps them from pushing forward on more strategic initiatives.

More importantly, it can stop a freight transportation business in its tracks if this infrastructure were to fail.

Business process services keeps your wheels turning

A large organization might be able to recover from a major IT outage once or twice in a decade, but most businesses in the freight transportation would come to a permanent halt if their primary systems failed. Customers depend on them to keep freight moving because their operations can’t afford to stand still either and they will quickly seek alternative operators. In addition, managing every non-core process internally means you’re paying for people and technology even when they’re idle because you must have them in place when busy seasons hit.

However, many of the everyday business processes a freight transportation company undertakes can be handed over to a trusted partner. Order entry, billing, rating, call taking, cube entry, customer service, dispatch and pod entry, as well as interline, driver and dock payable, are all activities that are candidates for a third-party business process services provider.

A roadmap of benefits for freight transportation

Turning to a business process services provider for repeatable tasks can have immediate benefits while also positioning a freight transportation company to go the distance over the longer term.

By not doing all these processes and workflows internally you’re better controlling and reducing your operating costs because you’re no longer paying to maintain resources to keep up with the business times of year even when business is slow. A business process services provider can operate 24 hours a day, seven days week, 365 days of year. They’re also taking care of the onboarding and training costs, as well as managing any employee turnover.

As a freight transportation services company, you’re also in the position where you only pay for what is processed in alignment with your operational costs and your revenue generation, which means you can scale up and down with the ebb and flow of your business. Better still, you can more easily expand the footprint of your business because it’s easy to extend your business process services team.

Focus on the road ahead with FleetGain Business Process Services

When you’re in a tight race for competitive advantage, every inch you can add to your lead is valuable and every penny adds up. The goal of FleetGain Business Process Services is to keep pace with your business success with a team of data entry operators, analysts, supervisors, managers and IT support teams.

And just as your industry is competitive, so is ours. That’s why we’ve made sure to pull together the collective strengths of global talent, tested processes and the latest technology to deliver continuous business impact and an improved bottom line for freight transportation companies. Whether it’s to address a temporary overflow situation or a long-term partnership, aligning with FleetGain’s Business Process Services lets you offload back office, repetitive data entry and transfer functions so you can focus on the business of picking up, moving and delivering freight to grow your bottom line.

Terry Holland is Director, Logistics and Supply Chain Services for Supra ITS.